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“The most sensitive musical instrument is the human soul. One must purify the soul until it begins to sound. The instrument has to be in order to produce sound. One must start with that, not with the music.” Arvo Pärt

As psychologist and coach, I believe the more you bring yourself out into the world, the greater the chance of making an impact, as well as facing challenges both personally and professionally. Your journey constantly shapes you, helps you to get to know yourself and grow. 

We work hard and celebrate our achievements, get exposed to our grandeur, as well as to our limits through disappointment and uncertainty. The most effective approach to prepare yourself for opportunities and challenges is get to know yourself and learning to rely on your inner sense of power. It is important to follow your vision for growth and development and to learn from dysfunctions, crises, and conflicts. 

My approach is open minded, supportive and honest. It is a partnership whereby my role is to bring awareness and support you in setting sustainable goals that follow both personal needs as well as a direction shaped by the current situation. My background and in-depth expertise facilitate an exploration of hidden areas of the human psyche and reasons behind our obstacles whereby we learn about our deeper selves. It allows us to provide sustainable change not only in achieving measurable practical goals, but also in building inner strength and developing accessible inner tools for dealing with future challenges. 

When working with individuals, teams, and organizations, I have the aptitude and knowhow to encourage discourse on unpopular, on the edge, conflicting opinions to support processes of growth, diversity, co-existence, and change in a caring and welcoming way. I am passionate about the latest developments in behavioral neuroscience and its application to leadership, power dynamics, and change management as well as research in quantum physics in connection to psychology and communication theory. Alongside the science I value the wisdom of indigenous, philosophical, and spiritual traditions. I have 25 years of experience in working in clinical and business settings with teams and individuals. In the last 15 years I collaborated with various leaders and directors in different fields. 


MA, Dipl. PW - psychologist, coach, trainer

Viktoria Saat


  • Leadership for conductors: the story of the personal journey, self-awareness, knowing your edges, gaining access to personal power, personal style and charisma, navigating power dynamics, knowledge of groups and processes, motivation and high involvement, learning from relationships, critical situations, personal high-performance including physical and emotional well-being, preventing and dealing with burn-out, learning from vulnerability and strength, setting and implementing goals. 

  • Individual coaching: goal setting, personal style, inner sense of power and self-significance, vision and high dreams, finding your own meaning, personal and professional challenges, crises and conflicts, personal power, self-knowledge, applying skills in different situations, inner and outer obstacles, personal and professional high-performance, body and mind well-being.

  • Personal development programs, personal coaching, tailored individual program, working on a spot, case analysis, conflict resolution and process facilitation, seminars, masterclasses, and lectures.


  • Supervisor and Coach, ANSE - Association of National Organizations for Supervision and Coaching in Europe

  • Power Intelligence Coach®, The Diamond Power Index® 360° assessment 

  • Diploma and MA in Processwork, Process Work Institute, USA

  • MA in Psychology, The A.S.Pushkin Leningrad State Regional University, Russia 


English, Russian, Estonian

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