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Meta Artists International (from the Greek μετά metá "afterwards", "behind", "beyond") is actively behind the scenes, so that musicians can concentrate on the essentials: the music, performing at the highest level and aspiration of unique achievements, all with the intent and purpose to strive for something truly remarkable and timeless. A unique achievement is based on manifold aspects such as talent and distinct knowledge that fulfills an intent beyond commercial performance and can reach the stature of historical significance – artisanship beyond artisanship, artistry beyond artistry, musicianship beyond musicianship. At the heart of Meta Artists International is the musical personality, its talent, musicianship, artistry, focus, depth, knowledge, and the unfolding of its artistic beauty without bending. Meta Artists is always first and foremost about understanding how to combine artists' interests with those of promoters, labels and audiences to create long-term, sustainable careers and relationships.

Founded in 2019 by internationally experienced music manager Natalja Slobodyreva, Meta Artists International offers personalized management for the sustainable development of careers, complemented by education and coaching and consulting services for individuals and organizations.


Meta Artists International

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