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The challenges of a musician’s life are manifold, and we therefore concentrate our coaching around central questions we aim to answer as it pertains to choosing your career objectives: What are your goals, wishes, values and strengths? How do you become successful in your chosen career path? Many young musicians experience feelings of uncertainty and anxiety about their future career as a result of holding a narrow view of their impression into the meaning of having “a successful career in music.” Meta Artists International creates individualized coaching that addresses specific components of the classical music experience and helps to identify and articulate responses to various questions.

In collaboration with the internationally renowned soprano and a highly sought out vocal pedagogue Nina Adlon and her FindYOURVoice program, which focuses on speech coaching, working with the voice and unfolding stage presence, as well as with the established Estonian psychologist Viktoria Saat, founder Natalja Slobodyreva offers individual career coaching from A to Z and motivational training for musicians who are challenged by aspects of a competitive life as classical music professional. One of the focal points includes coaching for conductors who play a leading role and have to master an instrument that consists of people – conducting and leading, the psychological aspects behind this art form.


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