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"Camerata Armonia was founded to make a genuine, fresh contribution to the world of music. It may seem like yet another orchestra on a scene that is crowded already – but we sincerely believe that we have something new and profound to say. Connecting past and present, we communicate with audiences eager to embrace the youthful spirit and spontaneous joy we bring to music-making, but we also want to address a wider circle of people whose interest is the cultural environment as a whole. Passing on the supreme enjoyment and the skill set that music comprises to listeners of any age and any cultural background: this is our passion and our goal.


Arman Tigranyan

Artistic Director of the Camerata Armonia"

In the spring of 2012, graduates of the Karlsruhe Music Academy came together at the Gottesaue Palace to prepare their first concert as “Camerata Armonia” – a harmonic community. Under Arman Tigranyan’s leadership, musicians from all around the world grew into an orchestra together – the “Camerata Armonia”. In doing so, these musicians not only overcame the borders of their own cultures, but they were able to formulate a common goal: to transmit the knowledge of classical music as well as its special, inherent language of emotion. Neither the safeguarding nor the transmission of the art form, however, should gain the upper hand when interpreting music – to save it from standstill on the one hand and to prevent mere ostentation on the other. The musical work, as the musicians knew from the very beginning, is part of a living tradition that no one should be excluded from.

The concert scene at large is witnessing changes that “Camerata Armonia” welcomes and wishes to participate in. Pedagogical approaches are increasingly emphasized in order to eliminate the barriers between the orchestra and the listener. The orchestra’s members understand the needs of experienced listeners and those new to classical music. Therefore, its concert programs are designed to offer opportunities for empathetic listening and critical reflection alike. Thus, “Camerata Armonia” invites you to form your own judgment and to share the delight and enjoyment of classical music.

Classical music is not only a manifestation of the past that becomes present at the moment of the concert; the concepts and ideals, motifs and forms of this resounding art also play a special and diverse role in contemporary music. The strong intimacy of sound, but also the expressive moments achieved by noises, seem to demand everything from the musician and the listener alike. Conscious of the unfamiliar and even rejected forms of contemporary compositions, “Camerata Armonia” works with composers of contemporary music. It seeks to establish the listener’s trust, so that its audiences may find their path through the world of sound in our millennium without suspecting arbitrary choices.

The division of current music into “serious” and “entertaining” music is far from obvious to us. A divertimento (Italian for “pleasure”) is meant to brighten up faces. Indeed, it is an invitation to enjoy and be pleased. We invite you to explore and experience the full emotional breadth of classical music with us.

Camerata Armonia

chamber orchestra | REPRESENTATION: General Management

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